For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, “move from here to there,” and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you.

Matt 17:20

A mustard seed and a mountain. One tiny, one huge. Jesus uses this simile to share an idea that profoundly plays out in the literal, physical world. This scripture should incite hope within the heart of every Christian. Faith is the journey of our lives. For me: that first shimmering show of faith took me to God. I believed God is!  For me, with the tiniest smidgeon of faith, that planted seed cracked open and God split me open—a mountainous transformation from sure death to eternal life. At 23 years old this story of love and forgiveness came to me like a thunderbolt. Having no complete idea what the love of a Father God might actually be and all that it meant to my life didn’t matter. I wanted to be his child, part of his family, and a sister to his Son, Jesus Christ. I barely understood that imbedded within that same seed of faith came further God concepts.

Jabs of smirking derision; the way I had begun the conversation that would save my life. With lightning speed, within four hours as we count time on earth, in a spiritual unfolding of revealed love, I believed that the Word of God, the Bible, is true. Years of scoffing arrogance fell away like nasty shards of hate. Becoming an infinitesimal living thing, my faith grew roots. “Jesus died for your sin,” she said to me—this testifier of God’s grace, this meek one who turned her other cheek to my rudeness. A great gift. What words can describe the sense of cleanness. All filthy dirt taken away by a sea of mercy. All unholy, true accusations of guilt unendingly whispered in my ear, washed away by the holiest of holy loves.

 For me, the literalness of my first mustard seed of faith is unmistakable. The spiritual delivery of myself to ever-flowing blood red forgiveness has been played out in the physical realm for the last 46 years. I’ve had so far to grow. Like his first disciples I needed an explanation of the power of even the smallest amount of faith. In this real-life story, Jesus tells his disciples they should have been able to heal a case of epilepsy caused by a demon. Jesus chastises and teaches and we know in reading the book of Acts, those very listeners received the Holy Spirit and comprehended and they too healed the sick and proclaimed the Good News of the Son of God. 

Likely few Christians will be called to cause a rift in the earth’s surface by moving a gigantic piece of rock. But the idea of that sort of power being available through the righteousness of God and his all-knowing wisdom brings me to my knees. How much faith do I have? What will God ask of me next? Is your faith ready to be used of God? Please share below: How have your mustard seeds moved mountains?